Daisy Stone (fairyoftheglen) wrote in sub_voices,
Daisy Stone

Long distance

Partly just the keep the community active and partly because I really want to know:

Anyone have any ideas for D/s things to do long distance? I feel like he should bring it up if he wanted anything from me, but I don't know, I guess I wish there was more. It doesn't seem to fit our dynamic very well though. He's not into protocol or "rules" or really much of the mental D/s play at all. I was thinking I could take a class like massage and then bring back my new skills but the only massage classes localy are for couples.

Sometimes I send him stuff I find online from a message board or something if I think he would be interested in it. The bruses from the last time I saw him are almost all gone. Seeing them every day really made me feel like I'm his. I wear my collar all the time and I wear cuffs to bed, and that helps a little. I just wish there was something I felt like I could do for him. Maybe there is a tiny bit of service subbie in me afer all lol!

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