talia_skye (talia_skye) wrote in sub_voices,

Dragon Candy

My first book of BDSM erotica has been published!

High-flying corporate raider, Candice, on a yachting holiday falls victim to the Dragon Triangle off the coast of Japan and finds herself cast into a strange world inhabited by other victims of the Triangle from throughout history. But there are other stranger things that she encounters as she learns that in this world her only value is as a female slave.

Somehow she must come to terms with the fact that here she exists only to please whichever man owns her.

Talia Skye has created a vivid and strange world that Candy must adapt to, with its tightly constraining bondage, iron discipline and above all instant obedience to the Masters. She writes with all the knowledge and sensitivity of a woman which makes this a truly stunning debut.

“The most original sm since Slaveworld. A real turn on!” Sean O’Kane

Click here to acquire the paperback

Click here to download the ebook

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