SubmissiveCunt: A Fucking Nasty Raw Hardcore Slut (submissivecunt) wrote in sub_voices,
SubmissiveCunt: A Fucking Nasty Raw Hardcore Slut

New and Looking For Acceptance


I would like to take some time to introduce myself. A few of my friends welcomed me to sign up for live journal. I am an avid blogger but I have never rested my fingers here at Live Journal before.

I have various interests of the extreme variety and above all I am just looking for acceptance from people with similar interests. I live daily life in chronic pain, online blogs are my escape for survival. I’m a avid member of the BDSM community, at one with my desires wishes and kinks.  Please check out my profile for more information about me and I welcome everyone to befriend me and add me for future information and a look into me by email, blogs, communication efforts and so on.

I look forward to meeting all.

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