Krystine (nalia_nz) wrote in sub_voices,

Intro from a nubie.

Hi. I'm new here. Thank you all for the insight into your various issues and the such. I'm not sure how to introduce myself all that well. I could say I am a sub, but that puts me into a box of sorts.  Personality traits that I possess would make one think that I am actually more dominant naturally... However, as dominant as I am in everyday life and as confident as I may seem, at the core of my being I long to be totally taken over and controlled through any means my master sees fit to use. I enjoy the thoughts and turmoil that I go through in times of 'punishment' and I like to internalise and almost psychoanylise myself during and after my experiences.  I am interested in some of the BDSM activities - but I do not enjoy 'make believe' play... I want to be pushed and pushed beyond what I believe my limits are.  I've heard of Total Power Exchange and that seems like a nice fit, and yet sometimes it doesn't.

So, my question is this: what catagory would I fall into?  I'm just now entering into a contract as 24/7 slave to my master (my husband).... These "sub culture" terms still confuse me.

Anyway, hello to all, and I thank you for providing a place that I can 'rant'.
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